WHO and WHAT is History64.com

Have you ever caught yourself wondering..

How on earth can I transfer my old Commodore 64 disks to a modern computer?

Great.. then you found the right place, as we are here to help you!


So what is History64.com?

In short: we are here to help and motivate people to transfer their old disks!

This means we have invested time and money to make sure we have special hardware available to send out around the world for you to use for FREE, making it easy and appealing for you to transfer disks.


So what’s the catch?

History64.com works together with several teams and projects around the globe that have been transferring, collecting and sorting Commodore 64 disks for decades now.

Once you are done transferring your disks, this is all we ask in return:

  • Send us a zipfile with your transferred disks, so that we can preserve it.
  • Send the hardware kit on to a friend, or post it to the next person in line on our waiting list.
  • And so.. if you do not count a few stamps for postage involved, then YES it is free.


But why for free?

Since the 1980s, enthusiasts like us have been collecting and sorting Commodore 64 tapes and disks.. the reasons are very diverse.. call it a hobby, call it nostalgia, and yes.. probably call it an addiction 🙂

There are two main reasons we decided to invest money and time to do this for free:

  • Time is running out
    As you might be aware, Commodore disks have held up incredibly well – but – age is really getting to them, and despite the massive amount of software already preserved over the last decades, there is still so much lost and missing.There are of course special teams out there even collecting and returning disk boxes over thousands of kilometers (such as The Transfer Team who have been a major contributor for C64 preservation across Europe) – but transporting disks over large distances simply costs a lot of time.


  • New affordable hardware
    Somewhere in early 2018 we learned that a genius called Luigi Di Fraia had been perfecting his hard- and software kit for some years called IECHOST which blew our minds!

    Not only is IECHOST very affordable compared to alternatives, but most important: It does an incredible job in transferring C64 disks WITHOUT the need of a Commodore 64 and monitor!!!The only thing needed are:
    – A working Commodore disk-drive (and serial cable)
    – A PC or laptop with a USB port (and a USB cable)When we contacted Luigi and told him about the idea for History64.com he gave us a very generous discount on purchasing a pile of IECHOST kits, and those are the backbone for History64.com!
  • The first batch of IECHOST kits from Historyc64.com is ready for action!


Great, where do I sign-up?

Just drop us an email: help@history64.com

We will drop you a quick line to let you know if there is a IECHOST kit available, and/or add you to our waiting list.. meaning that we will get back to you as soon as a kit becomes available for you to use!


Are you part of a preservation/sorting team?

Should you be reading this as part of a preservation project that we are not in contact with yet, then we very strongly urge you to contact us!

Whatever your project revolves around.. games, demo’s, tools, basic programs, etc. if we are not supporting it yet, please let us know – our motto is “sharing is caring” and the whole idea about History64.com is to make sure that no file is missed!


Donations and help?

History64.com is currently (October 2018) still in start up phase, which means that we have been working on the idea, contacting friends and interested people mouth-to-mouth, assembling the IECHOST kits has been done, and distribution of the kits has just started.

Although we appreciate the support that friends have already offered to our project, we are currently not taking any financial donations.. It is one thing to gamble with our own money, but as we are sending out free hardware, we really don’t want to gamble with money from friends or fans until we know the project is a success from the first 10 kits out in the world!

Other help however is VERY welcome.. please say hi if you would like to join us!


Supported Projects

We are currently supporting the following teams/projects:

If you would like to be added, drop us a line!


Current Developers

As amazing as it might seem – yes – there are still software developers releasing new titles for the Commodore 64, and even better, their number has been increasing over the last years!

As we are strong supporters of anything and anyone breathing fresh air into the Commodore 64, any files distributed to preservation teams and enthusiasts will NOT include any software younger than 2 years!

Commodore 64 developers and publishers are very welcome to get in touch with us to obtain the files shared with archiving teams for cross referencing.


Contact us

Last but not least, if you would like to contact us, please feel free to drop us a line at help@history64.com



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